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In honor of Sexual Sunday ask my muse who would you rather do questions.

people who stretch their desktop background


Send me things for my inventory?


Please and thank.

Send me “Where are you?” for my muse to react to finding yours alone in a dark forest

Roy : eeehh what the fuck….



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(( my new Elsen OCs ! Themper and Gerald~

Themper is the previous criminal before criminal elsens was made. he is a legendary and called as the king of criminals. Gerald is his assistant. but Gerald and Themper were gone and then Roy and friends made the criminal elsens gang ))

Send me ’ ~♫’ For my muse to sing to yours, with random lyrics from a song the mun heard recently.




  • How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN
  • "Their" song: sakura zenzen izoushinaru (?) I hope I spell it right haha. vocal by Hatsune Miku but I already find the UTAU cover of ishimondo (you can say ishimaru and mondo’s UTAU )
  • Who does more housework: Ishimaru!!
  • What couple cosplay they should do: tanoya/// ishimaru as noya and mondo as tanaka <333333333
  • Who cried watching Toy Story 3: mondo
  • Who hogs the blankets at night: MONDO
  • What they fight about: mondo hates studying.fin.
  • Who has more Facebook friends:  MONDO WITH HIS CRAZY DIAMONDS GANG
  • One headcanon about them: ishimaru sometimes take a shoot of mondo when mondo sleeps next to him~

(( Just a quick FYI: If they did mean ‘Ashmode’, it’s the name of the ship between my muse and the-critic-burnt’s )) 

(( yeah people already told me before ))

(( I make a fake sceenshot ))

(( I make a fake sceenshot ))